Randy is creative, pragmatic and friendly. He can design from the ground up or weigh in with great suggestions, often identifying solutions to problems that few others might notice. Plus, he’s just plain fun to work with.

Charles Fergus

We wanted an architect sensitive enough to mid-century design to keep us “off the rocks”—to reinterpret this legacy house respectfully. What gave us confidence was Randy’s grounding in architectural history, complemented by superb design sense.

Nicholas Kello

We were hesitant to use an architect: we had experience in design, strong ideas of our own, and were cutting the budget. These concerns quickly evaporated. With Randy onboard, our ideas became better realized. In his gentle manner, he imparted insights that focused our vision. And he saved us money and headaches in ways we would not have foreseen. Randy is not a yes man. When pointing out concerns, he suggested better ideas without curbing our enthusiasm. Never resistant to our thoughts, while keeping an eye on the ball, Randy has been invaluable. Perceptive, sensitive to budget, and syncing vision with reality. Our conversations developed into a great working partnership. Randy is a gem.

Kendall Munk and Paul Chidester

It was a pleasure working with Randy--his technical skill, aesthetic sensibility and ability to listen to, and communicate with us, combined to ensure that the end result exceeded our expectations.

Richard Fortmann

We were lucky to be introduced to Randy Hudson when we were designing the look and feel of our new house. It needed to belong to the property. This is where Randy's expertise shined. In a collaborative relationship, often we suggested details for Randy to consider. We joke that, of 10 ideas proffered, Randy might say "absolutely not" to 6, "I wouldn't do it if it were my house" to 3, and "let’s think about that" to 1. He would soon return with sketches showing excellent options, all more refined and elegant than anything we imagined. Today you can walk Shale Acres, hold up Randy’s sketches, and see that they are spot on to what we built. The result is clean, cohesive, and has character. It belongs.

Christina and Andrew Bater

Serenity permeates this extraordinary space.

Dickinson College magazine

[Hudson has created] a welcoming house…with a casual elegance.

The Good Life in State College Magazine