Make your place in the world.

We provide high design to clients valuing economy of means.
We offer fresh thinking for new and renewed sites and buildings.
Our clients are deeply interested in the world around them.
We strive for speed, simplicity and style.

Randy is creative, pragmatic and friendly. He can design from the ground up or weigh in with great suggestions, often identifying solutions to problems that few others might notice. Plus, he’s just plain fun to work with.

We decided to work with Randy because we’d met and liked him as a person, and liked other houses he'd designed. Excellent decision.

He focused our vision. And he saved us money and headaches in ways we would not have foreseen.

We wanted an architect sensitive to mid-century design...What gave us confidence was Randy’s grounding in architectural history, complemented by superb design sense.

It was a pleasure working with Randy.

Today you can walk Shale Acres, hold up Randy’s sketches, and see that they are spot on to what we built. The result is clean, cohesive, and has character. It belongs.

Hudson has created a welcoming house...with a casual elegance.

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A common dilemma

You love those home design websites and magazines: Dwell, Apartment Therapy, Houzz, Architectural Digest. How do you get from "here" to "there"?


Do you start new, or fix up what you have? How much is worth doing? Where do you get the most bang for the buck? Maybe just create one fabulous corner, and see how that goes? Where to even begin?


By calling HUDSON. We get to work right away. We can offer an opinion, quick sketches or total design through construction.

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Our Clients

They're thoughtful, confident and curious.

They're smart about money and resources.

They represent a wide range of ages, incomes and professions.

And they like to leave a place better than they found it


Randy Hudson has designed homes throughout the Northeast.

For over 20 years he was a partner at Hayes Large Architects, designing education, library, cultural, housing and landscape architecture projects.

He has taught architecture and landscape architecture at Penn State University.

Randy connects homes and workspaces to their unique circumstances and locales.

Sustainable Design

HUDSON designs buildings with sustainable materials and systems, and uses native plants to promote ecologically healthy landscapes at all scales.

A pioneer in green design, Randy is a LEED-accredited professional, and designed one of the US’s first LEED schools, and one of Pennsylvania's first stormwater biofilters.

His home has hosted environmental tours, and its property is NWF-certified as a National Wildlife Habitat.


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High Design, Economy of Means

Clients have limited budgets, yet they aspire to beautiful homes, landscapes and workplaces.

HUDSON aims for the greatest effect with the least effort and cost.

New and Renovated Sites and Buildings

We seek first to adapt or repurpose, then to add or build new as appropriate. Sometimes, all that's needed is furniture and paint!

Sustainable Thinking

Smart design makes the most of what you have. It's economical, because it accounts for both initial costs and efficient use of energy and resources.

Speed, Simplicity, Style

Great projects result from quick response, trust, and clear, prompt communication. We return calls and messages promptly. We respond with ideas and solutions right away.

We do just what's needed, or what you ask. Most importantly, you get results that reflect your unique values and vision.